Mike Schneider Designs is the product of founder Mike Schneider's do-it-yourself attitude and winning spirit. Mike's first website, www.baldoni.com, was a site he designed for Baldoni Accordions as part of a college internship, which evolved into a business relationship that remains to this day.

In 2002, not satisfied with the high-priced, mediocre-quality products available to him, Mike set out to design a website for the Mike Schneider Band - a group Mike established when he was just 16. Thanks to courses in desktop publishing and HTML coding, coupled with a creative entrepreneurial drive, Mike succeeded in developing one of polka music's finest websites. You can see it at www.mikeschneiderband.com.

These experiences and talents have flowed from founder into company philosophy, making Mike Schneider Designs uniquely able to meet your needs in the creation, maintenance and hosting of your website.
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